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Hearing Aids

Hearing Services Brought to Your Door Step. Servicing Hampton Roads For XX Years

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Good to Hear is an independent hearing aid distributor, which means we're able to offer hearing aids from multiple manufacturers.  We do feature Signia products given their reputation of quality and solid customer service.  Our customer’s needs will always be considered when deciding which manufacturer to work with.

Hearing Aid Featured Brands & Styles
We Carry & Service The Top Brands & Gear


Going The Extra Mile to Provide Extended Services For Our Customers

  • In home comprehensive hearing evaluation ($75 test fee waived with purchase)

  • Most devices include a 3 year warranty for repair or replacement for loss / damage (deductible applies for L &D)

  • Telecare service available where appropriate

  • Video conferencing available for follow up care included (Zoom or other video platform)

  • In home follow ups, repairs,additional tests included with purchase for duration of warranty period

  • Referral credits available (ask us for details)

  • Hearing conservation service available for local manufacturers.  OSHA regulations are followed


Hearing Aid Care
Stay Up to Date on Hearing Aid Maintenance & Best Practices

To get the most out of your hearing aids, you need to take good care of them. That means ongoing maintenance, including daily care at home as well as regular cleanings and servicing that we can offer.

Hearing Aid Maintenance & Care Checklists

  • Wipe them down every day when you take them out

  • Keep them dry (don't go swimming or wear them in the shower)

  • Store them in a dry place (not the bathroom)

  • Change the batteries when you get a low-battery notice

  • Replace the wax guard regularly, or call us for help with it

  • Keep them out of reach of children or pets

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Brands we support

Styletto X.JPG

Styletto X

Pure Charge & Go X.JPG

Pure Charge & Go X

Motion X.JPG

Motion X


Insio NX ITE

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