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Hearing Services Brought to Your Door Step. Servicing Hampton Roads For XX Years

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  • Mobile hearing care: Just give us a call and we'll set up a time to come directly
    to your home at your convenience. (We can also meet you in an office space
    if you prefer.)

  • Monthly visits to retirement communities and assisted living centers: In addition
    to helping individuals at their own homes, we also regularly visit communities
    where we can treat any residents who need our help.

  • Hearing aid sales and servicing: We offer hearing aid options from multiple
    manufacturers. We personalize the settings on your hearing aids to treat your
    specific hearing loss. We're also able to clean and perform some repairs on
    hearing aids.

  • Hearing aid accessories: We carry hearing aid batteries and are able to help you
    choose and purchase additional hearing aid accessories if you want them.

  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears) treatment: While tinnitus can't be cured, in some
    cases it responds well to masking options in hearing aids. If you have tinnitus, let us know and we'll see whether hearing aids can help you.

Going The Extra Mile to Provide Extended Services For Our Customers

Good to Hear is a mobile hearing center that provides “in home” services to support your hearing health. We are a full-service hearing aid practice, whether you need your hearing tested for the first time or are looking for someone to help adjust your existing hearing aids.

Warranty & Maintenance Policy & Benefits

All hearing aids come with a 30-day return policy and a three-year warranty. If you purchase hearing aids from Good to Hear, your visits and check-ups are included for the duration of your warranty. 

Payment Options & Insurance Policies

Our hearing aids are competitively priced between $2500 (set) for basic to $4500 for Premium (PDF link for further pricing details)
Good to Hear accepts checks, credit cards, and low-interest financing is also available. Do we take insurance?  Yes we do!  Give us a call for specific coverages.  We  will do our best to work with your budget


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